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Stunning Home Interiors of Dr. Binoy at Kayamkulam

TV Unit

  • Slate Grey + Walnut Veneer (teak)
  • Finish : Satin

Open Kitchen

  • Cubanite (Acrylic) + White Acrylic + Walnut Veneer (teak)
  • Finish : Satin

Work Area

  • Canadian Walnut Dark + Canadian Walnut Brown

GF Master Bedroom Foyer

  • Teak in Walnut Finish Veneer
  • Finish  : Satin

GF Master Bedroom Washroom Counter Top 

Colour : Odin Eiche Dark

Parents Bedroom & Washroom

  • Beige Grey
  • Finish : PU Finish

Parents Bedroom Foyer 

  • Teak in Walnut Finish Veneer
    (Satin  + Champagne ,
    Gola Profile : Chrome)

FF Guest Bedroom

  • Odin Eiche Dark + Frosty White

FF Master Bedroom

  • Walnut Veneer (teak)
    (Satin Finish + Champagne
    Inside Color : Micro linen + Upholstery : Muster)

FF Master Bedroom Bathroom

  • Torquise Blue (PU finish) + Single White (PU finish)
  • Bronze Mirror Detailed in Fawn Brown (PU finish)

Foyer Area

  • Walnut Veneer (teak) (Satin Finish) + Bronze Mirror
  • Bronze Mirror Detailing on Teak in Walnut Veneer (Satin Finish)
  • Inside Color : Canadian Walnut Brown

Pooja Unit

  • White PU Paint


  • Canadian Walnut Brown
  • Ivory (Glass finish)

Home Exterior

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