Trending in style with wooden Interior for Mr. Wilson Thomas

Teak Wooden Floor: Timeless Beauty in Interior Design

Living Room- Designed with appealing and precise perfection. 

The beauty lies in its simplicity. When it comes to the living room, it is designed with appealing and precise perfection. The natural sheen of the Teak hardwood floor adds elegance to the entire room. The black lacquer glass possesses an opaque appearance that enhances the aesthetic and matches well with Teak Veneer and the wooden floor. Another elegant stylistic décor point is the partition- the stunning feature of the living area, which divides the space effectively.

Realwood Floor: Authentic Beauty in Interior Design

Modular Kitchen- Make cooking effortless and enjoyable

The L-shaped Island structure ensures everything is within easy reach. Frosty white and teak veneer finish adds a perfect contrast to the overall look of the kitchen. Its minimal and modern design, superior finish, and ample counter space for all your appliances make cooking effortless and enjoyable.

Sleek Modular Kitchen Design

Master Bedroom – Beauty Meets Brilliance

Take a look at a series of brilliance that will give you an idea of how to design a perfect bedroom. When it comes to the master bedroom, it is undoubtedly a scene-stealer. Accented by a stunning magnificent modern upholstered leather headboard, nightstand, gorgeous lighting, and beautiful wardrobes – all together create a lovely bedroom setting.

Wooden Floor Bedroom: Warmth and Elegance

Bedroom 2 – With a Touch of Luxurious charm

This is another bedroom with a beautiful ceiling and wall details without crowding too much stuff. The teak hardwood floor and frosty white glossy finish add a soft touch to this bedroom. Who would not notice the hanging light on the wall? ,It adds a bright touch to the entire room.

Luxurious Interior Upholstery

Bedroom 3- Simple yet Luxurious

The dark brown color of the Canadian walnut finish contrasts against the frosty white. The hardwood engineered floor, cushioned headboard, upholstered bed with storage, and well-finished nightstand create a sparkling, luxurious feel.

Cozy Cot: Interior Design Comfort

Stair Case- A step towards the stature

This simple-look staircase design serves many utilities without being cluttered, and the contrast between the smooth black stairs and teak veneer created a perfect match. The beauty of the teak veneer is gorgeously showcasing. Simply, a striking staircase design blends seamlessly with the rest of the interior.

Cupboard Interior Design Inspiration

Ironing Area &Partition – With extra Storage

Ironing space with additional storage gets the ironing done as quickly as possible. This idea provides you with storage for everything you would need while ironing. The storage below your ironing space is a noble solution for all your ironing needs.

Functional Ironing Table in Interior Design

Wardrobes- More space Better organization

Well-designed wardrobes with a rich, darker wood finish are a pleasant addition to store your fashion finds. It is a 4- door wardrobe with a Brazilian horizontal walnut finish. The loft space on the top can be used to store your travel bags and other non-essential stuff. The wooden wardrobe with an enlivening handle looks very stylish from the outside and similarly from the inside.

Stylish Wardrobe: Interior Design Inspiration

If a trendy stylish lifestyle is needed for you, Uniwood has a lot to offer you. Focusing on modern trends, our team of professionals designs and executes them. The concept of this house located in Cochin emerged from the current trends in luxurious living. Inspired by contemporary and minimalist design ideas, it showcases how spaces are utilized effectively.

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